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Have you ever thought why you make sure to stay in touch with some people, no matter what the circumstances are...You may feel the need to talk to them after a certain time, if not every day. Or let’s keep it simple, why do we even interact with other people?

I love to learn how other people think, how they respond to certain situations and how I can learn from them. Their experiences can be different from mine. I like to understand different perspectives and feelings; good, bad, fear, pain, laughter, tears as it gives me a chance to understand life better. I feel a connection so pure, that it gives me strength to move on in my life.

When I moved to a new city, I had not only left that city but also my friends and our small talks during lunch, fun on company outings and weekend gateways etc. I am not very good in keeping touch but I try. But till now, I have been lucky to have friends who have always ensured that I do not feel their absence even if I am miles apart and I am grateful for the love that I receive from my family and friends.

Sometimes, people leave you wondering about some hidden quality in them which you might have discovered while listening to their experiences. That one thing can be very common but you will be surprised to notice something so real even when you are not looking for it to begin with.

Recently, I have made some new friends in my new office. Before them, I did not know anyone in this city whom I can call friends, even though four years back I had completed my PG from this city itself. Meeting new people is always exciting. Even talking about my own life experiences and connections feels different every time. You feel blessed while talking about the good things happened in your life and unknowingly you might be giving hope to others.

It feels even great when you find people with same mental disorder and you scream with excitement, "Yes, I have also done this stupid thing". Total bliss.

And the conversations go on.

Few days back, I came to know about an experience from one of my friends. He told us how he felt very happy to help a girl in his college with her studies and her self-confidence. He wished her all the best in their last meeting after the college results were declared. With his help, she had done very well. He was dedicated to the promise which he made to himself about helping that girl and he never cared if his friends or classmates were making fun of him. He even used to make notes for her very discretely.

I was looking at his face while he was telling us this story. He was glowing. I thought he must be very proud of her, after seeing how good she had scored in the exam. He was happy that his dedication was not one sided. She had shown the same effort to do well. I have not disclosed the names or personal details of the people in this story to maintain the privacy of my friend. I hope he will forgive me to share his story as an inspiration for my blog. 

Such selfless deeds might seem small but they become grand if the odds are against you... you know the risks very well and still you decide to finish what you started.

I think we need to celebrate such individuals who try to do good in which ever way it is possible for them.

This was one of the many experiences that have touched me. I will keep sharing other beautiful incidents which I have witnessed.   As readers of this blog, I will like to get feedback from you all and will try to improve. You can also share experiences which may be close to your heart. 

Till next time...Take care!!


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All I could recall from the past is the fact that I have learned to fall in Love and it is amazing...

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