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Goa...Our Happy Place

GOA...Our Happy Place

It is that time of the year again 😊 when we plan for our annual trip to GOA. For us, there is no particular month to explore Goa but since our marriage in 2013, me and my husband Ashutosh, have been going to Goa for our annual retreat. Pune City has given me so much - my education, my career, my love ( I met my husband in Pune only for the first time, but that's a different story to tell) and a chance to just reach my happy place anytime of the year within few hours. 

Also, let me be straight with you at the beginning of this post. This post is only my way of sharing my thoughts about a place that I love and is in no way a traveler's guide. It's better that you stop here and do not read further if you are looking for places to see in Goa or where to stay kind of information. This post is me reliving my experience.

I am sure most of you, who have been there, will agree that there is a sense of freedom in Goa. My husband visited Goa for the first time in his life with me after our wedding and he fell in love with that place. Now, it is him who is more eager to go back every year. I like to believe that we as a couple are very different kind of tourists/travellers. There are few who travel to visit a new place for a few days and enjoy even the shortest possible getaway. Few travellers like to stay at a place for the longest time to understand the culture and live in a new place as natives. There are others who do not get much time off from their daily jobs or responsibilities and they take vacations to relax and to get away from their hectic schedule and few like luxury treatment when on holiday.

We are different in a sense as we come under each category. We both can feel rejuvenated with a short getaway, like to enjoy a different culture, enjoy feeling like a king and queen and most important we do not get much time away from our regular life. So what was the solution for a weird couple like us...We have postponed our plan to travel internationally as of now due to limited vacation days and limited funds and decided to travel domestically whenever possible.

Our family is scattered in different states all over India. My in-laws live in one state and my parents live in another. Both of our parents move to a new place after every few years as a part of their jobs. So a trip to both of our parents' place covers a few places and then we are left with few vacation days to plan one trip that we like to travel as a couple. And guess where we go...yes...Goa!!

Most of you, who are planning to visit GOA for the first time, let me tell you one thing. There is magic in the air. As soon as you will land in Goa, you will feel free and most of your worries will disappear or will take a back seat. Goa experience consumes you and that my friend is the magic.

I have never traveled overseas till now and I do not want to imply that other cities or countries are any less. I intend to say that I really want my readers to at least try to visit this magical place once in their lifetime. I can guarantee, it will truly be one of a kind experience. 

Please do not forget to share with us your Goa pics. You can watch a short video of our 2016 Goa trip. Just look how we are beaming with joy. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„ 

We also met another amazing couple during this time (Meet Deepti and Arun John from Bangalore) and we sure had a lot of fun together.

This is Us celebrating Arun's Birthday...

I will update this post with some of the useful tips for people who are planning to visit Goa, till then you can mail me with any query or just drop a comment and I will get back to you at the earliest.

Till then...take care and enjoy!!

P.S. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. If there are topics that you want me to include on this blog please connect with me via email or just update the contact form with your details. I have started this blog as a platform for everyone who has a story and wants to share.

Do not underestimate life's experiences. They create history and guide others.


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