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Hilarious Kitchen Fails that’ll make Even the Worst Cook Feel Better

I believe anyone who has ever set foot in the kitchen to cook has a funny story to remember, may be a horrific cake experiment, a cookie shaped like an alien screaming or something else but trust me, we have all been there. We got to admit we all try to be a better cook but we are only human. We err and we witness our own hilarious kitchen fails. These are the time when we need to give us some self-love, because who else can help us get through the funny kitchen disasters. We can fight our battle one day at a time.

Most of the time all we need are kind words, so let me enlighten you can find those kind words by googling 21 beautiful quotes that inspire self-love, or any amount of quotes for that matter, to lift your spirits up...LOL!!

My recent kitchen disaster was a simple recipe of gravy that I was trying to recreate. That recipe is my favorite and I have prepared it several times in the past, but I think that was not my day. I put the gravy on the stove to simmer and somehow forgot about it. I was on call for next 2 hours. I remembered about the gravy because of burning smell. My gravy pan was black as a dark night with gravy turned into ashes.
To keep things light and to give our readers something to laugh, below are hilarious kitchen fails that’ll make even the worst cook feel better –

All these examples are only to make everyone feel better. The real intentions are to convey a thought that you cannot be perfect all the time. Even the best cook can make mistake once in a while. 
What counts most is the effort!!
We get into the kitchen every day to prepare healthy and delicious meals for ourselves and our loved ones. These silly kitchen fails are the memories and the proof that we were trying to cook. The effort is never wasted; it is responded in the form of love and support. We also need to celebrate the imperfections in life to appreciate the magical and perfect moments.

Self-love can help in boosting an individual’s spirit after a funny incident in the kitchen or in life for that matter. Just stay positive and learn from every mistake to move on and be a better person. All self-help quotes are experiences of people who thought they have more to offer to life than an unfortunate or irresponsible mistake. Keep taking mental pictures of the moments that have made someone laugh and keep enjoying the rise and falls.

Love, Tamanna


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